All it took was a quick visit at L’Érable au Fil du Temps to acknowledge all the hard work hiding behind the delicious nectar we love to adorn our Sunday pancakes with. 🍁🥞 It didn’t take too long for us to realize how much energy each maple producer puts in the production of an all-time favourite, a part of our heritage: maple syrup. 

As proud Canadians, we are often under the impression that we know everything about the product… doesn’t it run in our veins?  🙋🏼‍♀️ But behind this sweet liquid is a more elaborate process than we could ever imagine.

Sugaring season

Every year, in March, L’Érable au Fil du Temps transforms in an anthill. Drop by drop, the maple water makes its way to a gigantic furnace. At night, we can hear the crackling of the wood, heating the over to a high-temperature. The fire needs to be fed every 7 minutes to preserve the perfect temperature and obtain a syrup of the highest quality. No time for a quick nap. 😴 A degree more or less is all it takes to ruin its quality. That is one of the main reasons why the whole team needs to be as detail oriented as it can!

Times have changed since our ancestors, the buckets under Maple trees have been traded for blue tubes. They might be a little less good looking but they tremendously prevent losses and they keep bugs away from maple water. However, L’Érable au Fil du Temps heats the furnace with a real wood fire. A tradition that will resist to any modernization according to them because: there really isn’t anything like wood heating for a smooth syrup. 🔥🔥

Maple syrup in the middle of July? Yes, please. 

L’Érable au Fil du Temps’s mission is to bring maple syrup to people’s life all year long. To obtain that result and to convert the syrup into a wide range of products, their employees need to be passionate about sugar. Dressings, spices, smooth maple butter, maple taffy cones (and much more), are made every day to keep on satisfying our Canadian’s sweet tooth all year long. 

Mrs. Ginette Doucet is the queen of the maple cone! Every day the kitchen team and her produce a little over 7,000 cones. To answer the demand, they even just acquired a machine that can create 33,000 cones a day! Proof that those cones are out of the world. The best that we ever had in our truthful opinion.  No kidding.  In addition to its portable sugar shack services, the whole family also takes part in Christmas markets. 

In your plate

In order to make you discover a maple recipe than you can cook not only around sugaring season, our chef Gabrielle Pellerin has decided to cook maple butter pork medallions with a sweet potatoes, fennel and apples salad. A delight!

You can now find some of their products in our pantry. You’ll see what we meant by smooth maple butter and the BEST maple cones we ever got the chance to try! We are not joking, Mrs. Ginette Doucet really is the queen of maple cones! 👑🍁






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