It being July, there was really no question about our choice for Producer of the Month. La Maison Lavande, with its fairy-tale décor, is based in St-Eustache, and spends the whole year preparing for lavender season in July, when it makes 75% of its revenue. That’s a lot! French lavender blooms a little later, in the month of August. In spite of this, la Maison Lavande is open to the public all year long.

Maison Lavande

It was a trip to Provence that made company founders Nancie and Daniel fall in love with lavender cultivation, so much so that they wanted to bring it back to Quebec and into their family life. Their daughters, Florence and Marjolaine, joined the family business enthusiastically.  

As Daniel already owned land in St-Eustache, where there is a warmer microclimate and well-drained, stony soil, this seemed like the perfect starting place for their project – all the more so as this is where the family is from.

Maison Lavande

Lavender is a much more multi-talented plant than many of us know. As well as being beautiful to look at and pleasant to smell, its relaxing, healing and hydrating qualities make it a true ally to wellbeing.   

In the kitchen, lavender can be used in drinks, desserts and even in savoury dishes. It can also be made into a spice, a decoration or even an infusion; your imagination is the limit.

Maison Lavande

At Maison Lavande, essential oils, perfumes and teas are among the many edible and toiletry products on offer. Items are also available in an online boutique, as well as in certain outlets.

A love for earth and flower has driven this family forward as local producers. It brings them together, and pushes them to create something enduring as a family. Seeing other families settle down for a picnic in their fields is the reason they work so hard throughout the year. The happiness of others is their reward.  

Maison Lavande

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