We rarely fell in love that hard for a couple’s vibe. Ethné and Philippe de Vienne, are the owners of Épices de cru.

Both from travelling families, the globetrotters are strong believers in discovering a culture through its very own local flavours. Épices de Cru is a company based on Ethné and Philippe taking you on a trip around the globe! 🌎 They started Épices de cru as a way to escape reality all the while staying in their kitchen. According to them, good spices can turn any ordinary meal into an extraordinary one, and any extraordinary meal into something to die for.

Since its beginning, Épices de cru is much more than a door to the world of flavours, it also offers workshops dedicated to learning everything about spices. The goal is to offer consumers the tools to embrace the abundance of spices there is out there. Their motto : trust your nose!👃🏼

For those living far from Montreal, don’t panic. The lovely couple also has 4 books, including ​les règles d’or​ des épices, which presents their 4 ground rules by the means of 60 recipes. The book comes with the spice’s mixes needed to cook those recipes!

This month, we picked the Guerrero Mexican rub so you can discover Épices de cru in your kitchen! “The Guerrero rub is made from sweet peppers and other typical Mexican spices like cumin and oregano. Its fruity aroma and its subtle spiciness go well with anything barbecued; especially chicken” says Épices de cru on the mix.


Try it in the Cheesy chicken pasta with peppers, tomatoes and Mexican inspired flavours from the Guerrero rub from Épices de Cru 🙂

Add it to your order​ ​here and we promise it’s going to smell delightful in your kitchen! 

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