At Cook It, local produce is something we hold dear, and that’s why we introduce you to a new local producer each month.

This month, we took a trip to East Hereford in Estrie, to find out about a local rainbow trout producer: The des Bobines Fish Farm. We were charmed straight away by the farm and the landscape, but most of all by Clément, a passionate man and one of the farm’s co-owners, and also by his family, who gave us a private tour of the fish farm and its facilities.

The des Bobines fish farm is a second-generation family business. Normand and Doris, the company founders, started their aquaculture operation in the 1970s. Far from imagining that their business would grow to its current size, they started their operation in small pools set up in the basement of the family home. Today they are well established in the East Hereford region, and are the largest producer of rainbow trout in Quebec. In fact, they produce 210 tons of trout per year, handling all breeding and processing. In this way, they produce fresh, high quality fish.

Production at des Bobines is aquacultural, meaning that trout are reared in a closed basin. This method of production has many advantages, of which the principle is ecological,  given that the the livestock are reared in controlled, closed conditions. The risk of environmental contamination from the sediment produced by large numbers of fish is lessened in this way. Aquaculture is also viewed as a future solution to feeding the global population, and is responsible for 50% of the world’s fish consumption. It has even outgrown beef production!

Spending a little time with the Roys, you quickly realise that family is really at the heart of this business. Everyone gets their hands dirty, and the enthusiasm of the four little boys in the family when it’s time to get some work done on the farm is something to see!   

Today, the des Bobines fish farm sells many delicious trout-based products, notably patés, spreads and puff pastry fish feuilletés, as well as their classic filets. They’ve also opened a boutique in the freshly renovated wing of their farm. We most certainly haven’t heard the last of the Roy family and their trout!

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