Cook it year was filled with challenges, innovation and of course, delicious food. That being said, you will understand our excitement when we think about what 2019 has in store for us. To end the year on a good note and because we love it when you guys share our recipes on Instagram, we wanted to celebrate our hashtag #chefcookit with great ceremony. Therefore, we’ve put together a top 10 of our favourite posts of 2018.

1. The list simply couldn’t happen without @gabepllrn in it. If you did not already know, she creates and tests all of our recipes. If you want to get a “sneak peek” of the upcoming recipes, follow her on Instagram and look for #chefcookit under her posts. We must admit, we are very excited about the veggie burger ❤️

2. Cook it loves following food lovers like Eve Martel on Instagram. Disclaimer: her @topyummy account has 99,9% chances of making you drool. We’ve got a sweet spot for one of her pictures showcasing our Deconstructed Shrimp Maki.

3. Speaking of Instagram accounts we drool over, we can’t omit @toutedansmesfesses. Not only she makes us discover a bunch of new restaurants but also, Jessica Prudencio is one of our loyal subscribers and often shares the outcome of her Cook it recipes.

P.S. : Anybody knows where we can find chicken slippers?! 🍗😂

4. In 2018, we loved working with @sparksandbloom, two sisters from Quebec that have a very diversified blog. Their main topics are family, travels and of course food.  

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#LaVraieVie (Léa) J’ai eu la chance de pouvoir essayer les services des boîtes prêtes-à-cuisiner de @chefcookit et j’ai adoré mon expérience! Je vous en reparle de long en large dans un prochain billet de blogue. Mais pour l’instant, je peux très bien dire que c’est un service à utiliser par et pour les femmes fortes que nous sommes : tsé quand on sent la charge mentale prendre trop de place! Un très bon moyen de s’en enlever un peu de « sur les épaules ». 👌 **CODE PROMO 40$ de rabais : BLOOM40 Tu es une maman qui en gère beaucoup : c’est pour toi! Tu es une femme de carrière qui cherche à bien manger mais qui n’a pas une minute pour gérer l’épicerie et la cuisine : c’est pour toi! Tu as des enfants en bas âge / tu viens d’accoucher : c’est pour toi! Ton amie va/vient d’avoir un bébé et tu cherches LE cadeau à lui offrir : c’est pour toi! Tu cherches un cadeau pour Noël qui va sortir de l’ordinaire : c’est pour toi! Cook it, c’est pour toi! Et j’ai un code promo, pour celles qui veulent essayer. Ça te donnera 40$ de rabais sur ta première commande : BLOOM40 Tiens-moi au courant si tu essaies! Lien dans la bio vers Le site de Chef Cook It! { collab } . . #cookit #chefcookit #cuisine #cuisiner #cuisinerapide #chargementale #femme #femmeforte #femmefoodies #foodie #foodiesofinstagram #instafood #risotto #risottolover #momsclubqc #quebecmoments #mamanpourlavie #momlife #quebecfood #quebecfoodies #quebec #recettesanté #recette #recettefacile #recettemaison #qcblogger #quebecblogger #mtlblogger #canadianblogger

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[email protected] is an “Instagram mom” that we love following on the daily. Her food pictures make our mouth water every single time. 🤤 

[email protected] is the living proof that you don’t need to have a million followers in order to create Pinterest worthy content. Moreover, know that when you reach your 4 th order with us, we send you a little guide on how to take amazing Instagram gourmet pictures. Your followers will thank you later.  😉 

7. If you feel like you are a foodie to the bones, follow @milie109. Her pictures are simply P-E- R-F-E-C-T.

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Pas gênante la recette @chefcookit un vendredi soir. 🌿

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8. @coraliescloset is not only posting about food but when she does it is “on point”. 😍

9. We LOVE following @natashaals for her highly curated content and appealing pictures. Bonus : she is the mother two cutie patooties that makes our hearts melt. 😢💜

10. Last but not least, if you love food as much as we do, you’ll be head over heels for @isabelle.gosselinb’s account.

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🍜 #chefcookit

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For 2019, we are hoping for even more #chefcookit posts. Who knows, maybe next year you
could be featured in our top 10.

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