As we hear more and more about the environmental impact we have on our planet, here at Cook it we are on a mission to try and be more sustainable.

If you ever have any ideas or suggestions, don’t be afraid to get in touch – we’re always open to hearing your opinions!

In the meantime, if you are looking for ways to be more sustainable at home, here are a few simple things we can all do…

  • Use stainless steel cutlery & silverware

Who likes eating with a plastic fork? Have you ever tried to cut anything with a bendy plastic knife and had it snap? If you’re going on a picnic or having a party, use stainless steel cutlery or silverware. Not only is it nicer to use & to look at, but more importantly it can be easily washed & re-used. Where to find them: In your kitchen drawer! Otherwise, any home store, IKEA, flea market or Salvation Army goodwill shop.

  • Avoid polystyrene plates

If you want to use disposable plates, try to buy ones made from paper or bamboo. They are biodegradable & easy to compost! Otherwise, if transporting them is not an issue, bring along some ceramic plates that you can wash up at home and re-use! Where to find them: Homeware stores & online; independent shops like Jamais Assez, especially if you want stylish but ecological plates like these. Finally, don’t forget your own kitchen cupboard!

  • Grow your own herbs

If you use a lot of herbs, try and make some room on your windowsill or in your garden to grow your own. When you buy them from the grocery store, they often come in plastic containers or bags. If you grow them at home you’ll not only reduce waste, but you’ll also save some money! Where to find them: Pick up some seeds or a small plant from your local garden store or farmers market.

  • Learn how to home brew!

They may be convenient but coffee pods produce a lot of unnecessary waste and are often not recyclable. Instead, learn how to be your own barista at home! Pick up a French press or moka pot if you like the taste of espresso, or make your own pour-over coffees with a Chemex or V60. The coffee will taste better, there’s no plastic, and you’ll learn a handy new skill! Where to find them: Try asking at your local independent coffee shop, otherwise they can easily be found at home stores, online & from coffee loving companies like Eight Ounce!

  • Buy yourself a reusable water bottle

Rarely recycled and often ending up in landfills, plastic bottles may be convenient, but they’re not the best for our environment. Try and get yourself a reusable bottle that you can bring with you wherever you go. In the city, you will almost always be able to find a clean water source where you can refill it. There are also tonnes of chic brands out there these days, so make sure to check out the market before you commit to one!Β Where to find them: Most major department stores, fitness centres, and online.

  • Avoid using plastic bags

Most of the time, plastic bags end up straight in the landfill as they are infrequently recycled. Many supermarkets also charge for plastic bags so it’s more beneficial in the long term to invest in a few cotton tote bags or a strong market basket. You can also choose ones that not only look good but are less likely to rip when you pop a heavy & sharp cornered carton of milk in it! Where to find them: Lots of local stores, museums and cool boutiques have great options. Online you’ll also find plenty, like these printed cotton totes, this strong woven grass basket or this easy to store parisian net cotton bag.


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