The beginning of a new year is often synonymous of resolutions and change. Cook it is  no exception to the rule. Even though we are full of ideas and goals for this year, there are also some winning formulas we want to keep up in 2019. This year again we are introducing 12 of our favourite local producers, and in addition to that, we will create some delicious recipes showcasing their products.

We are off on a strong start with a producer that charmed us after just one bite: Le Pain dans les Voiles, a local bakery. Established in 2009 by François Tardif and Martin Falardeau, the business was named after a common passion: sailing! Nowadays, there are 3 locations of Le Pain dans les Voiles in the greater Montreal area and their loyal customers could not be happier. The bakery offers a variety of breads, pastries, sandwiches and coffee.


Major Challenge

Before opening the boutique, François Tardif faced an enormous challenge : finding a work-life balance. A complex task when you own a bakery. In order for the bread to be ready when the doors open, the bakers usually have to go to work in the middle of the night. It is only after a long discussion period with his partner and lots of planning tryouts that he decided to launch the business. The planning process he established allows him to go to the bakery a little later in the day, and by so, have more of a normal family life.

A tasty method

The bakery’s bread stands out for many reasons: one being it is made of cereals coming exclusively from Quebec. It is also prepared with yeast crafted at a high temperature, which allows the product to have a softer taste. Last but not least, fermentations are spread on a longer period of time and monitored in the cold for a time frame between 24 to 48 hours. The technique allows bakers to build typical tastes making their bread unique. A pure delight!

You are in luck because this month, you will have the occasion to try their country-style bread in our Pesto and Oka cheese grilled cheese recipe. Add it to your box for the week of January 27 th , you won’t regret it!

Take a look at the recipe here.


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