At Cook It, our aim is to simplify our clients’ lives. We all often have a thousand different things on our minds: ‘Will the childminder be available on Friday?’ ‘Did I reply to François’ email?’ and, of course, the eternal question, ‘What are we having for dinner?’

We’ve been taking care of this last one for you for four years now, with 10 delicious, balanced and super-quick meal options each week. In short, it’s our privilege to do the weekly groceries for dinner (and for lunch, too). Recently, we’ve been thinking we could go even further with this, because between meals there are also elevenses, coffee breaks and sugar cravings! So today we’re very proud to introduce the Cook It Pantry. An array of Quebecois products to add to your weekly box for your breakfasts, snacks, lunches, desserts and more!

Our goal is to keep you from ever having to stop off for an underwhelming store croissant on your way to work, because you forgot to buy bread again. (Who HASN’T this happened to?)   

In developing this project, we’ve had the privilege of working with local businesses who inspire us. It was really important to us to choose quality products from Quebec. We hope that the Pantry will simplify your life, and if it also means you find out about local companies you hadn’t heard of before, our mission is accomplished.

Here are the products you can now add to your shopping cart if you live in Montreal or the surrounding area (if you live outside this region, fear not: this option will be available to all in a few weeks’ time):

Select products from the pantry just after completing your latest order on the menu.


Posted by:Laurence Gagnon Beaudoin

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