Cook it is set on the idea that it is mandatory to support local producers. After all, it is thanks to them if we can offer you fresh, quality products week after week. For the month of December, we are introducing a family-run company that produces a well known holidays fruit : cranberry !

In 1993, the family behind Patience Fruit & Co started one of the first cranberry farm in Quรฉbec. In 1995, the farm was the first to convert its crop to organic in Canada. Today, more than 90% of organic cranberries worldwide are cultivated in Quebec.

The golden rule for Patience Fruit & Co’s team is to live to the pace of the cranberries and their environment. Even if it can be time consuming at times. As the proverb says: patience is a virtue. According to Marie-Michรจle Le Moine, the brand ambassador, it’s growing the crop slowly that allows better results. A larger, softer, tastier fruit of better quality (in addition to being cultivated without chemical fertilizer or pesticide).

ย The company doesn’t stop there. It also makes juices, dried fruits and gourmet snacks. Cook it has a soft spot for their Chococrunch bites, made with Cranflakes, their crunchy dried cranberry flakes. It is the perfect snack for those with a sweet tooth but it is absolutely guilt free. This month, you will be able to enjoy their product showcased in our Swedish vegetarian meetballs recipe with a cranberry sauce (YUMMY!).

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