**Many of us love tea & coffee but you might have heard from a celebrity, instagrammer or health guru that ‘*lemon water*’ is what we should be drinking first thing in the morning.**

***Is it really much better than having a simple glass of water?*** No, not dramatically so, but lemons are proven to have a lot of amazing properties & a high vitamin C content. They are antibacterial, anti-viral, immune-boosting, liver cleansing & an excellent digestive aid. Water is naturally hydrating & cleansing, exactly what our dehydrated bodies need in the morning.

So if you feel you aren’t drinking enough water, maybe adding a dash of citrus might motivate you to consume more! Lower in sugar than fruit juices, with less fat & calories than your morning latte, why not try adding lemon water to your early morning routine. With all the winter bugs & colds at this time of year, it’s a cheap, low effort & simple way to help start your day!

Squeeze the juice from half a fresh lemon into a glass of water.

***Hot or Cold Water?***
Honestly, do what you feel like! Warm water is generally recommended to aid in digestion & also improve those morning bowel movements!

After a night’s sleep, warm water will help flush out some toxins & break down the food sitting in your intestines. Plus there’s no doubt that warm water is great on those cold winter mornings & better for infusing a little more flavour with a slice of ginger, some cayenne, mint or turmeric.

However, plenty of people like to have that refreshing & cool shock of cold water in the morning. It helps wake them up & give a fresh zingy start to their day! Either way, both options are still great for you.

***Too sour?***
Try starting off with a smaller amount of lemon juice or make a canarino.

***Canar.. what?!***
Replace the lemon juice with a few strips of lemon peel! Start your morning like the Italians who have been drinking this yellow drink, canarino (‘canary’ in Italian) for hundreds of years. Try to avoid getting any of the white pith as it’ll make your tea too bitter. This method also means you’ll still have the rest of the lemon for squeezing into a nice fresh salad dressing!

**TIP:** Try not to brush your teeth for 20 minutes after drinking lemon water to avoid any enamel erosion!

**5 key reasons to drink lemon water:**

* Hydration
* Digestion
* Immunity
* To battle bad breath
* Freshens skin


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