A few months ago, Judith, Cook it co-founder and CEO, came to the office with a crazy idea (the usual). Basically, she wanted to revolutionize the ready to cook industry by reducing the use of single-use containers in our meal boxes (no big deal). Even though it represented a huge challenge, the whole team was very excited about the idea.

In the past few weeks, we made every effort to develop a pilot project. For that reason, we are very excited (and a little proud) to introduce the Sustainable Kit to you. The initiative’s purpose is to reduce the impact we have on the environment with our packaging. Today, we present to you the 5 reasons that led us to launch the Sustainable Kit:

1- We first launched Cook it with the goal to reduce food waste, we taught the next logical step could be to reduce our consumption of single-use plastics.

We are well aware of the ecological footprint of our packaging. Even if our boxes are 100% recyclable we would like to go even further by reducing our consumption of single-use plastic bags. For the Sustainable Kit, we plan on utilizing reusable plastic containers that can ultimately be recycled. In addition to that, the containers are made in Canada (can I get an Amen!)

2- Family values are a cornerstone of our company and we want to make sure to provide a healthy environment to our kids (and yours).

From the start we wanted to put families first. We love making the little ones discover new things and get them involved in the meal preparation. We want to make a family activity out of cooking and we want it to last. We think preserving the environment is the only solution to ensure a healthy environment for the future generations. However, we know it isn’t always easy to take concrete steps towards being eco-friendly on the daily. The Sustainable Kit does it for you.

3-We want to democratize and make the “zero waste” lifestyle more accessible.

We’d like to think in 2018, most people are concerned with the future of the planet. Nonetheless, not everyone has the desire to adopt a “zero waste” lifestyle. The Sustainable Kit allows you to get ingredients packed in reusable containers, delivered right to your door. In other words, there is no need to show up to the groceries with your 33 Mason jars anymore. Here’s the proof that it is possible to save time and still be eco-friendly.

4- We would like to modernize the ready to cook industry’s practices and who knows, maybe the practices of the food industry globally.

Since environmental values are at the core of what our company stands for, the Sustainable Kit was the obvious next step for Cook it. The nicest part of it all is that if everybody gets to it, the industry’s landscape could change fairly rapidly. Bye Bye plastic!

5- Our customers asked, we listened.

We regularly ask our customers what they think of our services and what they would like to see us improving. People asked us several times to offer an eco-friendlier alternative. Because customer experience is paramount for us, we had no other choice but to implement the most recurring customer’s suggestion.

Click here to sign up to the Sustainable Kit 🌿


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