The favorite party of all the sugar bugs of this world (AKA Halloween) is on our doorstep. If this day is a delight for toddlers, it can be a bit chaotic for their parents. We thought of some tips to make your life a little easier on October 31st.

Safety first

We all know that Halloween can be a source of considerable stress for some parents. After all, one can not deny the real danger that occurs when combining reduced visibility and over-excited children. To solve this problem, some parents give a flashlight to their children. It can however be cumbersome over the evening. The classic glow sticks bracelets can be a nice alternative. Full of color and inexpensive, they will make your children happy while decorating their costumes. However, if you want to invest in something that will be useful throughout the year, we suggest you buy a LED bracelet designed for night runners. . They are colorful, adjustable and the life of their battery is excellent.

Cook it for dinner

It is known, our little monsters are always in a hurry to go around the streets of the neighbourhood to start their harvest. If they could eat at 3:30, God knows they would. In fact, if they could dine at the Skittles, they would probably do it too. Speed ​​and simplicity are the motto for a successful Halloween dinner. And it could not be better because at Cook it is a bit like our mission;). Do not break your head and prepare a Cook it recipe. In addition, for some time, we offer dishes Express dishes every week. Think about it, less time doing the dishes, it’s also more time to enjoy the evening with your little mosses.

Disguises not flat

As an adult, we often say that we have passed the age of disguising ourselves. On the other hand, as long as you walk for hours in the neighbourhood, why not do it in style? This year, we decided to let the DIY to Pinterest and we offer you one-piece costumes cute and comfortable wish. In addition, they are affordable and you can postpone them every year.

Do you suck the beak

Finally, it is not because you are adult and vaccinated that you do not have the right to sweeten your nose on Halloween night. On the other hand, we advise you to stay away from the sweets of your children. After all, no one likes being robbed of his hard-earned harvest. Plan instead to add treats from The Candy Box to your order of the week.

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