In Quebec, meat pie, pork hock stew and stuffed turkey are Christmas Eve’s timeless classics. Let’s also not forget about the bacon coated sausages and little tea sandwiches. However, everywhere else in the world, Christmas culinary traditions vary strongly. Since the big night is on its way, we decided to present 4 traditional Christmas Eve dishes from 4 different countries: Japan, Italy, France and Finland. Ready for a gourmet trip? 


While doing our research, Japan’s Christmas culinary tradition surprised us the most. Believe it or not, on Christmas Eve, Japanese people line up in front of KFCs all over the country to get their hands on fried chicken. Some even reserve their chicken bucket months in advance to avoid the line ups. According to many sources, the tradition was born following a very effective advertising campaign in the 70s and is still very lively even today in Japan.

Another popular Christmas culinary tradition in Japan is the «Christmas Cake». The recipe is pretty much the same as a Strawberry Shortcake. It is made out of sponge cake, whipped cream and fresh strawberries. The only difference is it is usually garnished with theme decorations. The desert can be found in every Japanese home on Christmas Eve.


On the 24 th the tradition imposes a very light meal(often fish). It is on the 25 th that Italians «let loose». Even if culinary traditions vary from one end of the country to the other, poultry and pastas (INDEED) are integral elements of Christmas food classics in Italy. Panettone, a brioche bread stuffed with raisins and citrus zests is also a staple of the Italian feast. You can find this delicacy in a few stores in Quebec.


In Finland, roasted ham is usually the guest of honour at the Christmas table. Traditionally, it is served with root vegetables and salads. Glögi, a spicy mulled wine, is also part of their iconic Christmas recipes. If we’re talking sweets, the infamous gingerbread cookie is definitely a Nordic Country’s favourite.

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As a starter, French people usually go for seafood like oysters or duck liver pâté. As a main, the Chestnuts Stuffed Turkey is an absolute essential. Most of the time it is served with green beans and baked potatoes. The pastry log is always expected to put a proper ending to the meal by glorifying the table of its presence (Yuuuuummm!).

We hope you enjoyed travelling with us for a brief moment and we wish you the most gourmet Christmas Eve of all time! Treat yourself and enjoy the precious moments with your loved ones.

Happy Holidays🎄

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