Fleur Maison is cultivating a passion for decoration, graphism and pink, and has a lot of love for nice things. She even has her own Etsy page where she sells her creations as well as her husband’s. Cook it has worked with her on a few occasions and we just love what she does. Especially these prints of local products we love that she created just for us! 

Since we know she is a big fan of Christmas, we decided to put together a “Food is my Passion” quiz with a twist, to learn more about her Christmas classics. ⭐️🎄🎁

Quiz: Food is my Passion

You get stuck on a deserted island, what’s the only food you’d need?
Whipped cream to eat with all the fresh fruits I would find on my deserted, but heavenly island.
Or poutine!

What is your favourite dish to cook?
Chilis and stews! The slow cooked meals that leave a nice fragrance in the house. I love when
Félix comes back from work saying : It smells good in here!

What dish reminds you of your childhood?
Pasta with meat sauce ! My mom used to cook it every Sunday.

What Cook it recipe are you crushing on ?

The Beetroot Risotto ! Easy, simple, and most of all: pink.

How do you like your potatoes?
1. mashed
2. fried 😝
3. chips
4. gratin
5. baked

Christmas Special:

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Happy Van à Québec ❄️🌲

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What’s for dinner on Christmas Eve at Fleur Maison?

A little bit of everything ! Being married, we go from one family to the other On my mom’s side we eat the traditional turkey with potatoes and meat pie. At my in laws, there is a lot more variety. From meat pies, to meatballs stew, fancy bites and even spaghetti!

What’s your favourite Christmas treat?

Anything sweet, I love! We never eat the same things so I don’t have a specific treat in mind. I also love marinated beets a lot.

What’s is an iconic Christmas dish for you?
That might sound weird but egg sandwiches! Since I was a little kid I’ve always helped my mom with it and I am always very eager to eat some when we go to here place on Christmas Eve! We don’t host people for the holidays yet, but when we do, I will make the most decadent Christmas log ever!

Are you more :

  • Turkey​​ or meat pie?
  • Ferrero Rocher or ​Lindor​​?
  • Mint candy cane​​ or cherry candy cane?
  • Hot chocolate​​ or Baileys coffee?
  • Christmas stockings​​ or Christmas gifts?
  • Miracle on 34 th Street or ​Home Alone​​?
  • Michael Bublé’s or Mariah Carey’s album? None! I am way more into Sia and John Legend! My
    new classics.

Harry Potter Passion:

Getting to know her through her Instagram account and her blog, we discovered she is as much of a Harry Potter fan as we are. The holidays are the perfect time to binge watch movies(especially Harry Potter) and we wanted to ask Fleur Maison some questions that would bring out the Hogwarts in her! Just wondering, who else thinks of Harry Potter and the philosopher stone as a Christmas classic? 🙋🏽‍♀️

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If you could only watch one of the movies for the rest of your life, which one would it be?
Thought question! Harry Potter and the Half-blood Prince! This movie is as funny as it is serious. It is in that movie that Ginny and Harry kiss for the first time and we discover a mutual interest between Hermione and Ron. I am a forever lover at heart. 💜

And what if you could be one of the characters? Which one would you be?
I would be Hermione! I really like school and I’ve always been a good and studious student. I always taught getting expelled was the worse ahah! Félix is definitely a Ron and I love to think we would be together in one universe or the other. We are simply destined to spend our life together. Cheesy, I know!

Have you ever taken an online quiz to find out your Patronus? If so, which one were you?
 Yes, and I was a CAT! I hate cats! 😤😩

Now that you know a little more about Fleur Maison, we strongly recommend you have a look at her Instagram page to discover a bunch of holidays DIYs and let yourself be charmed by her great taste for finer things!


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