December is finally here, which means we can finally talk about Christmas openly, and we are very excited about it! That being said, if you consider yourself a modern version of the Grinch, we would advise you to leave this page right this instant since we are about to bombard you with Christmas thematic content. 🎅🏽⭐️🎄

Christmas is a holiday rooted in traditions. Even if it comprises certain staples(like meat pie and gifts), each family celebrates it differently. To jump right into the holidays spirit and give you a few new ideas, we decided to partner with Marie-Hélène Girard AKA Tellement Mom, and share with you her favourite Christmas traditions.

MomTuber in chief

For almost two years, Tellement Mom has been sharing bits and pieces of her daily life on YouTube. At first, it was a simple way for her to create memories, a bit like a modern version of a photo album. At the present time, there are more than 50 000 subscribers to her channel, and each video has an average of 15 000 views. That represents a full Bell Center… EVERYDAY!(almost).

If like us you have been watching Tellement Mom’s vlogs lately, you probably already know she is a big Christmas fan and she does not skimp on traditions. Today, we are presenting 5 traditions that charmed us:

1. Revisited Advent calendar

Chocolate Advent calendar? Not for Tellement Mom. As a matter of fact, each year she prepares an Advent calendar made of quality moments written on paper for her 4 sons. This year she placed 24 quality moments papers in 24 Poke Balls in her Christmas tree. Every day, her boys have to find the identified daily ball and open it to find out what the quality moment will be. 

Amongst her ideas we find: a family movie night, the right to get one item at Dollarama, an unlimited video games day or a day off of homework.

2. A slumber party/movie night for Christmas Eve

At Tellement Mom’s, Christmas Eve is spent in pyjamas. After enjoying a delicious Christmas buffet and unwrapping the presents, the whole family is settled up on mattresses in the living room to watch a movie together. Marie-Hélène even sets up a candy bar for the kids (living the dream!). That night, everybody sleeps in the living room. A real-life slumber party! 🎅🎅🎁🎁🎄🎄

3. Decorating Christmas cookies

For Tellement Mom, every single moment spent with her family is precious. Each year she organizes a Christmas cookie decoration workshop. She prepares different colors of icing and buys a variety of sprinkles and decorative candies. This year, Cook it had the chance to take part in the workshop, and between us, what a beautiful moment. The boys were super hyped and it almost felt as if we were in a Christmas cookies factory. If you’ve got creative(gourmet) kids it’s the perfect tradition for your family!

4. One good deed for Christmas

As a part of her Advent calendar, Tellement Mom combines pleasant and useful by getting her boys to do one good deed. She allocates them a small budget to buy their favourite treat at the groceries, and they give that treat back at the school’s Guignolée.

5. Snowshoeing and hot chocolate

Tellement Mom is lucky enough to have a forest as a backyard. She takes advantage of it to introduce her boys to the joys of the great outdoors. During the holidays, she loves organizing a snowshoe outing elevated by a hot chocolate break. The perfect family activity to enjoy some fresh air.

It will probably come as no surprise for us to tell you Marie-Hélène and her family have many more Christmas traditions. We invite you to take a look at her vlogs to learn everything about these.


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